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Applies a profile to linear entities and  linear solids.

Zugriff auf den Befehl über

command bar:  bimapplyprofile

menu bar:  BIM | Apply Profile

toolbar:  BIM |


: bimapplyprofile

Prompts you in the command bar:

Select path(s): (Select a linear entity* or linear solid.)

Entities in set: 1

Select path(s): (Select more linear entities or linear solids or press Enter.)

Select profile [in Dialog] <in Dialog>: (Select a profile entity in the drawing or press Enter to display Profile dialog box.)

Apply profile? [Ok/Quarter turn/Rotate/Delete clippings] <Ok>: (Press Enter to apply the profile or choose an option.)


*Lines, polylines, arcs, circles, elliptical arcs and ellipses are accepted. Open and closed splines are accepted only if they have default tangents and are not self-intersecting.

Command Options



Select profile

Allows to select a profile in the model; prompts you:

Pick a profile - Do one of the following:

  • Click a closed 2D entity or a region in the model.

  • Click an existing linear solid.

In dialog

Opens the Profiles dialog box.

Select a profile, then click the OK button on the Profiles dialog box.


Applies the profile to the selection.

Quarter Turn

Rotates the profile 90° counter clockwise.


Allows to rotate the profile about a user defined angle; prompts you:

Rotation angle <90> - type a value.

Positive values rotate the profile counter clockwise.

Delete Clippings

Removes all clippings from the selected linear solids.

Ähnliche Befehle

BimAddEccentricity - allows to control the relative position of the axis of a linear solid.

BimLinearSolid - creates linear solids.

BimProfiles - opens the profiles library in the current project and the referenced library.



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